Add a Retention Label to a Taxonomy

Modified on Sat, 04 Feb 2023 at 09:04 PM

You can add a retention label at the lowest level of the taxonomy.

The following example shows how to add a retention label at the Business-Process level.

1.  Navigate to the taxonomy details page and click the  icon on the row of the business-process to which you want to add a retention label.

A dropdown list is displayed.

2.  Click Edit.

The Business-Process is enabled for edit.

3.  Click M365 Retention Label tab.

The M365 Retention Label tab is enabled.

4.  Enter/select the required values in the fields.  Refer to the table below for field names and descriptions:

Note:  The fields with * are mandatory for creating the retention label.



Label Name *

The name of the label

Description for Admins

Description of the label for only Admins

Description for Users

Description of the label for all Users

Note:  The Description fields cannot be longer than 1024 characters and cannot contain any of the following characters: % & < > | ? : ; * , / x00 x08 x0B x0C or characters between x0E and x1F (inclusive).

5.  Under M365 File Plan Descriptors, enter/select the values in the fields that best describe the Retention Label. Refer to the table below for field names and descriptions:

Note:  All fields are optional and are used only to organize the labels. The descriptors are not shown anywhere else in the Compliance Center or in any repository, they are only internal to the File Plan section.



Reference ID

Internal reference number for the label 

Business function/department

The department or functional group to which the label belongs.  If the function or department is not enlisted in the dropdown list, you can add it by clicking  icon.


The category that best suits the label


The subcategory that best suits the label

Authority Type

The authority type that authorizes the disposition.

Provision /Citation

The provision/citation driving the retention and disposition. 

6.  Under Retention Settings, enter/select the required values in the fields.  Refer to the table below for field names and descriptions:

Note:  The fields with * are mandatory.



Retention Type

The type of retention that defines the high-level rule on how labeled items will be handled. The fields displayed on the screen change based on the selected type.

Available options:

 - Enforce action after a specific period.

 - Just label items.

 - Retain items for a specific period.

 - Retain items forever

Retention Period*

The duration of the retention period, in number of years, months and days.

Start retention period based on

The criteria based on which the retention period should start. Possible options:

 - Date items were created.

 - Date items were last modified.

 - Date items was labeled.

 - Date of custom event.

During the retention period

How items are handled during the retention period. Available options:

 - Retain items even if users delete.

 - Mark items as record, which includes the option to unlock the record by default.

 - Mark item as a regulatory record.

At the end of retention

The action to be performed at the end of the retention period. Possible options:

 - Delete items automatically.

 - Trigger a disposition review of the items.

 - Change the retention label.

 - Deactivate the retention settings.

7.  Click Save.

The retention label is added to your taxonomy.

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