Working with Versions - Overview

Modified on Sun, 21 Apr 2024 at 11:30 AM

Easy Taxonomy™ enables advanced version control of taxonomies. While Records Management Professionals and Business Stakeholders are collaborating on drafting the taxonomy from scratch or making changes to an existing taxonomy, End-users are only allowed to access and browse the published taxonomy. 

Only users with the Approver role can manually add a version. Anyone with the Editor role can import a new version of the taxonomy from an Excel file.

It is only possible to manually add a new version when the current version is in the Published state. When a new version is added manually or through an Excel import, it is set as a draft.

When adding a version, manually or by import, the user can select a minor version or a major version for the added taxonomy version.

There are two different ways of adding a new version to a taxonomy:

1. Use the Import button to import a taxonomy that has the same code as an existing taxonomy in the application. This will import the taxonomy and put it in Draft status. If the existing version is in Draft status, it will be archived. To learn more about this option read the article Import a Taxonomy from an Excel file.

2. Use the menu item Add version to copy the current version of the taxonomy as the new version and sets it to Draft. Users with read-only access do not see the draft version, they only see the Published version. To learn more about adding a new version using the menu item read the article Add a new version to a taxonomy.

Explore the following articles to learn more about working with versions in the Taxonomy app.

1. Add a new version to a taxonomy

2. Import a Taxonomy from an Excel file

3. View taxonomy version history

3. Preview a previous version of a taxonomy

4. Restore a previous version of a taxonomy

5. Delete a specific taxonomy version

6. Export versions changes

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